Sunday, September 19, 2010


-Me pushing my daughters stroller while entring the mall through Sears

-A Young Asian Indian Couple pass by

-Are you a body builder?

-Me:No...what makes u say that?

-then u must live in a coastal city where u swim all the time to stay in shape.

-Me:Nope..not that a dentist. explains it,u got ur shape from yanking peoples teeth out!


Chiara said...

Well, uh, kudos, and my dentist was never in good shape...but I am looking for a new one! Seriously, right after I finish the cloxacillin, naproxin, and tylenols (down to 1's, after a blitz of 3's) and don't look like a victim of domestic violence! :)

Dentographer said...

Chiara,i am out of practice for over a year,but regardless, Dental extraction of teeth always implemented physics laws subtly,direct application of muscle forces always ended up with tooth fractures and some times Jaw fractures or dislocation.
but my god,what are u taking all those for?

Om Lujain© said...

lol.. that was funny! Bes awal mara ashoof a dentist in good shape :P

Chiara said...

LOL :) Actually no dentist did this, but the MD I saw for it punctuated every sentence with "you have to see a dentist!". Finally he admitted I had too much soft tissue swelling around the R lower mandible and up the R side of the face for a dentist to do much; especially as he took a quick look and pronounced my gum infected.

I think I had an abrasion that went unnoticed until the next day, then gradual pain and swelling and that night immense pain and immense swelling (no sleep of course) despite feeble attempt at relief with OTC Oragel extra strength.

So I made my way to the nearest walkin medical clinic, afraid I would faint from the pain the whole time (my friend the neurosurgeon thinks I have a high pain threshold, for what that's worth). After I filled the prescription I took 2 Tylenol 3's first then the rest of the meds. I of course immediately went online and double checked the doses of everything he gave me, and upped the naproxin from 375mg tid prn to qid (which ironically works out better with the cloxacillin he have me); and took another 3 tylenol 3's that same day (out of his 1-2 tabs bid prn mitte: 10 tabs) to keep the pain at bay.

Today is day 5 of treatment and I still have minor pain and swelling but nothing like the first 2-3 days (one of which is a complete blur of pain, codeine, and side effects).

You gave an excellent description of proper extraction technique! I did have a dentist in childhood who broke the same (baby) tooth twice trying to extract it (for overcrowding issues). Ah but then during my first visit to him (age 3-4) he smacked me around, including in the face --to this day the only person who has ever slapped me across my face. My mother finally overpowered the nurse, pushed into the room, and rescued me, but she thought I was only crying because I was scared.

Sadly that dentist later committed suicide (middle aged male with major financial investment losses, and access to means ie high risk, being a dentist in solo practice, added risk). I don't think he liked children or dentistry much.

So in short (LOL LOL LOL) 2 more days of cloxacillin and naproxin, and I am down to 1 Tylenol 1 (hoarding the last Tylenol 3 for an emergency). With any luck I will able to take a little time before finding a new dentist, since my most recent one left the country (and was getting a little too psychiatric anyway!). Or maybe one of those "dentists" in Djemaa el Fna in Marrakesh! LOL :)

Thanks for asking. :D

Susanne said...

Cute! :)

Dentographer said...

Chiara,did he at least give you a diffrential diagnosis? sounds more like a lesion associated with the eruption of the wisdom tooth..
Om Lujain,you would be surprised :)
thanks susanne!

Chiara said...

Dentographer--Thanks for your help. No he didn't but for sure it is well foreward of where wisdom teeth would be, and mine are extremely well buried and heading no where. I am so much better now that I am starting to have faith in his cloxacillin X 7 days, and with my "enhancement" of his naproxen dosing I should be fine by the end of tomorrow. Then the search for a dentist (preferably one of the ones in good shape :P) is on! :D Thanks again!

Athoug said...

Aha! That's why my dentist loves to say "open real wide for me"

Dentographer said...

Athoug,,i dont think its the same reason lol.

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