Friday, July 30, 2010

Bassnectar Massive Attack bass!

Lately,my taste in music has changed drastically,i lost intrest in almost all types of main stream music,and i found immense pleasure listening to songs and tracks that are created by amatures and underground DJs and musicians,and boy,off stream music is just tooo intense!!

i bring you here one of the most intense tracks ive heard in a while,for a bang that is quite known for being a phenomena that changed the way england listened,interacted,and even perceived music,its Massive Attack.

even though Massive attack is a band that existed since the early 90's,somehow,their immensely tasteful music managed to reach only certain people who were seeking music that has an identity that speaks of its own.

now,with all that being said,imagine having such unique tracks being tossed between the hands of insane DJs all around the world,the outcome is,complete insanity of musical orgasms,and one of the most powerful ive heard,is from Bassnectar,who cleverly combined the track with one of the famously known rappers of this time,lil wayne.

nuff said,ill let you hear it,and u judge.
Massive Attack Remix (FREE DOWNLOAD) by Bassnectar

Ear Poppin Base,i tell ya!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Makkah and the Vertical expansion

It almost been a year since the last time i visited the city where i was born,Makkah,the holy city of muslims.

the changes that took place in the last three years are so intense i can barely recognize the city anymore,there is a monorail project on going which i believe has been waaay over due,as transportation issues were always critical during hajj times every year.

skyscrapers are taking over the city, makkah currently looks like a war zone from all the demolitions and trucks and tractors cleaning the scene,the streets are heavily broken and full with potholes from the heavy trucks,almost all the streets around the city are closed for either repaving or detouring due to construction.

all this should be considered impressive for a city that of prime importance to every muslim in the world,right?


or at least not completely right, the expansions and huge constructions came out on the expense of many many historical locations and building that were landmarks of our city of makkah,one of the most is famous buildings that caused an outrage upon demolising was Ajyad fortress ,
Maktabat Makkah,which means the library of makkah which is also believed to be the birth place of the prophet Mohammad PBUH.

but let us not get into the political sensitive aspect of the matter,as some believe this city should remain as it is for its cultural values,others believe it should be the most developed city in the islamic world,each has his motives,and each has a point.

my main point of concern here is,with this rapid,impressive rate of vertical raise in buildings in makkah,i have not noticed any changes in the layout of the streets that accommodate these buildings,even though there are multiple projects that hopefully one day will provide a vital vessel for traffic to makkah one day,but the inner vessels within the city that have been of a deseperate need for a proper and complete redesigning to match the growth of this city which during peak times of hajj is mainly operated by buses.

the matter of traffic and the transportation has always been discussed about makkah,some strongly believe that Hajj should be and should remain a pedestrian practice,which i beileve is the most effective way too,as the traffic and buses only add congestion to an already heavily congested city.

in the current situation that makkah is in,it looks like its only a matter of time before the entire infrastructure of the city collapses unless some serious rehabilitation for the entire city takes place,which i hope ill live to see.

what are your thoughts?do u have a say! please share!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

A new way to manage the blogs you follow : Google Reader

i am fairly new to blogging,and in the beginning of it i started to follow people on blogspot by simple clicking the follow icon on each blog,while the ones on wordpress,i used to follow them manually by logging into each daily and check if there is a new post,
however,after a while i found a service that google provides,which made the job alot easier, Google Reader which allow you to check all the blogs you follow in one single page,its more like Mail in OSX and Outlook in MS platforms all you have to do is add a subscription and it will import all the posts to your google reader page,it even allow you to check the blogs while offline,and its iPhone, iPad Friendly and there are also multiple Apps in iTunes App store that are more like a stand alone app,but the same service.

whats the most significant thing about Reader?
you dont have to go to each and every blog anymore,you can read them all from one page.

how does it view the blogs?
you have two choices,either you view all items,and it appear all together in a "inbox" kinda view,with the publishers name on the left and the post on the right,upon clicking on the topic,the post expands so you can read it.

another choice,and that incase you have a favorite blogger,u can click on the publishers name on the left and it will show you all posts made by the publisher in a descending manner according to date of publishing.

google reader have multiple options that are pretty handy,it brings you statistics about your readings and show you which blog is the most active among all your subscriptions,it also has the "explore" bar which recommends blogs to you by guessing which would be of your liking according to your subscriptions.

what is it that i wish google reader improve?
the only thing that is not very practical about reader is that you cant comment directly from google Reader,when u click on comment,it redirect you to the blogs page so you can comment there,also,u cant read others comments from reader,you have to go to the blog page so u can do that.

Another thing,subscribing to a blog Via google reader doesn't notify the publisher that you are now subscribed to his blog,which kind of let you in the dark if you were the type that is conscious about the number of people who are following you and want to know if they are increasing or not.

All in all,its an excellent service,ive been using it for 4 months and got accustomed to it that its my main method to check all the blogs i am reading.

Are you using google reader? do you know anything similar to it? tell me your experience and how do you follow up with all your favorite blogs?