Friday, July 30, 2010

Bassnectar Massive Attack bass!

Lately,my taste in music has changed drastically,i lost intrest in almost all types of main stream music,and i found immense pleasure listening to songs and tracks that are created by amatures and underground DJs and musicians,and boy,off stream music is just tooo intense!!

i bring you here one of the most intense tracks ive heard in a while,for a bang that is quite known for being a phenomena that changed the way england listened,interacted,and even perceived music,its Massive Attack.

even though Massive attack is a band that existed since the early 90's,somehow,their immensely tasteful music managed to reach only certain people who were seeking music that has an identity that speaks of its own.

now,with all that being said,imagine having such unique tracks being tossed between the hands of insane DJs all around the world,the outcome is,complete insanity of musical orgasms,and one of the most powerful ive heard,is from Bassnectar,who cleverly combined the track with one of the famously known rappers of this time,lil wayne.

nuff said,ill let you hear it,and u judge.
Massive Attack Remix (FREE DOWNLOAD) by Bassnectar

Ear Poppin Base,i tell ya!


Chiara said...

Hmmm what part of "ear poppin' bass" didn't I understand, and turn down my mike before listening with the earphones in? LOL :)

Great--very unusual, and great! :)

Chiara said...

Off topic:

I just wanted you and your readers to know about a post I just did, with an interesting theme for which they can contribute their own creations, and I will post them:

Fun with Food Art--Foodies and Photographers Do Your Thing!

I hope you and others will read, enjoy, comment, and contribute!

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