Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Senior and Me

Me: Hey! Check this out,its called an ipad 2,its an apple product,but i want to show you somthing in it that i think you will really like!

Him (Senior over 60 of age) : show me.

Me: *Launches Quran Reader HD app*

Me: so as you can see,this is a quran app,you can read the quran,change the font size,translate,recite and do everything with a finger of a button!

Him : nice,how much is this?

Me: well its 499$ for the ipad and 7 dollers for the app.

Him: pricy..!

Me: Well,this is all what you need in one simple app! it even gives you tafseer!

Him : hmm,sounds good,but check this *grabs a copy of quran*
this is the holy book,printed in the size i want,i can read it,recite it,and it has tafseer and translation on the side,printed clearly enough to read it,and its free,so why would i pay 700$ for something i can do for free?

Me: *leaves angry*
Me: @#$@)*$&#&%#$))!!!!!!