Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Senior and Me

Me: Hey! Check this out,its called an ipad 2,its an apple product,but i want to show you somthing in it that i think you will really like!

Him (Senior over 60 of age) : show me.

Me: *Launches Quran Reader HD app*

Me: so as you can see,this is a quran app,you can read the quran,change the font size,translate,recite and do everything with a finger of a button!

Him : nice,how much is this?

Me: well its 499$ for the ipad and 7 dollers for the app.

Him: pricy..!

Me: Well,this is all what you need in one simple app! it even gives you tafseer!

Him : hmm,sounds good,but check this *grabs a copy of quran*
this is the holy book,printed in the size i want,i can read it,recite it,and it has tafseer and translation on the side,printed clearly enough to read it,and its free,so why would i pay 700$ for something i can do for free?

Me: *leaves angry*
Me: @#$@)*$&#&%#$))!!!!!!


diana | nessreen said...

You, my friend, just got PWND bigtime. Hahaha.

Sabeehah said...

HaHa:) but hey a benefit of the ipad is you don't need wudhu to hold it ;)

Dentographer said...

Sabheeha, you are a genius!!!
*runs to use this to leverage the argument*
I'll keep you posted :p

Hning said...

With elders, it's usually more about content than packaging. And of course we can never win arguing about money with them! What were you thinking?! An iPad? :p

Zubair Naeem Paracha said...

Seems like your senior is not good at maths, 499 for the iPad and 7 for the app would make the total 506 and he said it 700.. and you should've told him thousands of other things iPad could do but its never easy convincing people who don't have any interest in technology to use these gadgets.

Better luck next time anyway! =)

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