Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Making Future Magic: iPad Light Painting

ive been into photography for roughly 7 years,what made me get into this hobby is how photography give you the ability to create a fantasy from the world around you,if you have been following my work lately,u will notice that i always try to add the element of unreality to my photos,i always try to make the photograph look like its been shot in utopia.

conceptual photos and abstract photography always catches my attention,and its usually the hardest type of photography,not because the technique is hard,but because it pushes the creativity of the photography to the limit,and some time far beyond the limits.

its a beautiful thing,i tell ya,some times i look back at my work and i cant believe its actually mine.
but speaking of creativity,some times u stumble upon things that leave you utterly speechless in how creative,genuine and impressive the ideas some people come up with,like the one i am about to show you,
the most amazing thing about this is how they utilize everything they have at hand that was not once available.

Here,they used Apples ever successful iPad to create light,and Amazingly they used that light to build blocks of letters using light emitted from the ipad during a period of time where the shutter of the camera is open,and captured it with the camera.

...........the Most Creative yet,right?
nuff talk,lets watch...

Making Future Magic: iPad light painting from Dentsu London on Vimeo.

i bet even apple them selves didnt see this as a possible utilization of their own product.
light painting the city with Matt Jones
this is ladies and gentlemen,a new benchmark in light painting photography,and i assure you it is the future.
iPad light painting through glass


Om Lujain© said...

I say this calls for tutorials :D

Dentographer said...

lets hope the app gets released first,then we talk! :)

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