Thursday, September 23, 2010

Guess who...

..... is going under the knife of national tv shows audiance.....

Polygamy,is one of the matters that confused me the most,especially with my islamic upbringing,and my western influenced teen years.
they will be literally butchered by each and every person who is against polygamy...which is almost 95%+ of the american society,if not more.
but u know whats funny? the majority of all those who are against polygamy,have/or once had multiple sexual partners,they are only against marriage of multiple partners
i just dont geddit
do u?

P.S.A fellow blogger thought i was talking about my self going on national TV,Sorry if that how i made it sound but i was refering to the TV show.


Chiara said...

I assume they are legally polygamous, ie one legal marriage and 2 religious ones not 3 legal marriages; and not scamming the welfare system.

What part don't you get? The right vs the reality of polygyny in Islam? The wife + mistress or husband + lover in the West? Serial monogamy vs serial preferred wives?

OR the utter insanity of wanting more than one set of inlaws? LOL :)

Dentographer said...

many things,why was the man privileged in polygamy over women,in islam,it was well explained that its to maintain ancestry of lineage,and some people agreed and some people did not and said that now DNA tests make everything crystal clear.
but in cases like these,who are not bound to islamic teachings,why is it that women agree to live with one man,but not the opposite?
add to that,why is it so hard to approve marriages while people have threesomes and orgies as birthday gifts for spouses!!!
and ive witnessed many people with multiple partner at the same time,they choose who they wanna be with today,and tomorow they pick another cos she/he is not in the mood to see who she/saw yesterday...
its a messed up world chiara,i tell ya :p

Chiara said...

Hmmm. I thought the Islamic rationale was the dearth of husbands post-wars (which would work for other civilizations too-men dropping like flies in wars or hunting), and yes the need for a man to be sure he was supporting his own child not someone else's.

Difficulty with marriage approval--familial approval or governmental approval?

Geesh, in comparison I give and receive boring birthday gifts! :( LOL :)

Ah yes, the promiscuous. One of my synchronized swim partners was in an "open relationship" which meant that she and her love were allowed to date others, "with privileges". It worked "well" when he was bringing home others to the co-ed uni residence they were both living in, and she got to meet them accidentally in the common room. She would get neurotic and go on crazy diets, and he would "wonder why and worry about her mental health while being somewhat smug". Ah, but then she "dated" someone else, a med student (the love was a law student)--he no longer thought "an open relationship" was such an excellent idea, had some rather unkind words for medical student, medicine, etc and was a wreak. He behaved like a jealous idiot, she didn't care, and he "wondered why".


Dentographer said...

i was referring to social approval in societies begining with arab societies and even worse in the west...

and the last part is indeed hilarious!

Chiara said...


Social approval is worse in the West? How so?

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