Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Norfolk Harbor

Norfolk Harbor by *Sonic-BooM on deviantART

Definitely one of the prettiest coastal cities ive been into,which reminds me,i will retire in a coastal city,and hopefully even far before i retire,ill be living in a city with a sea front,and ill wake up every morning and have my breakfast on the sea view...

P.S.Click on it to get a better View.


Anonymous said...

very elegant photo !

[the lower corners were a lil distracting.. i wish it was cropped / or using a slightly different angle]

Happy Eid, Fayiz! :)

Dentographer said...

thank you,unfortunately the corners were a must since this image is a result of stitching 13 shots together to get the panoramic result,and cropping it will minimize the details.

Happy eid to you too Sara =)

Chiara said...

Impressive panorama, colour, and lighting! Thanks for sharing this!

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