Friday, February 3, 2012

Project #365Photo : First Month

One of the goals i decided to work on this year is doing a photo a day project,which consists of taking a photo a day for an entire year,and submitting it online. as much fun as that sounds it turned out to be not a very easy thing to do,and i say this and i have been taking photographs since 2003.

i must admit i knew this is going to be a hard task,but reading this post made me go ahead and take the challenge, as mentioned in the post,use your iPhone,and instagram, that sounded easy enough for me to go ahead and do it, i managed to pull it out to the end of January.

The initial goal for me from this project was to train my self how to compose photographs that are not rectangular but rather square,which is used by instagram,the point from this goal is to give my self the ability to think outside of what i have learned from bigger cameras like My Nikon D300s, and the square frame by it self breaks many of the rules in photography that many consider fundamental in this hobby.

i will be posting a monthly digest including what i have learned from the journey so far,and share the photos that i took in that particular month.

What i realized so far includes:

- The Second you think of doing something as a duty,it becomes a burden.

- Deciding that i should use only iPhone camera in this project,was not the smartest idea,even though it sounded an easier way out in my head.

- At the Beginning, my plan was to gather ideas for the photo until the end of the day,and take it when i am sure i won't come up with any other.

-later through the month,i decided,if its a good photo,snap away and upload immediately,if you found another, and it can be taken another day,i can do that,if its not to be missed,then shoot it and upload it,it doesn't have to be part of the #365photo project.

-Instagram,even though it was intended to make photography through iPhone easier,after awhile you realize how restrictive it makes you,especially if you are an avid SLR user. don't get me wrong,its an awesome app that makes taken an artistically looking photo a breeze,but some times you can't help it but to think of what you would have done if it was more capable.

-the square frame,will definitely makes you think completely differently about you compose your photographs,its quite a challenge.

-it does take you in a beautiful journey in rediscovering your surroundings.

-if you wait until its really late in the day,you probably gonna end up with a horrible "let me just get it over with" kinda photo.

-i reached a point many days,where my main object was not the photo,but rather for it to be shot in the same calendar day as it supposed to be,which came many times on the expense of the quality and composition of the photo.

-Relax,take it easy,you will end up doing a lot better when you are.

Now for the photos!
































-Another thing i learned from this very post, iPhone Digital Zoom Sucks.

i bet all of you who follow my photography think this is horrible compared to what i do with my Nikon,i can only say its a learning curve,and i hope with time things improve to better,so stay tuned!

Which one is your favorite? any tips,advice?

P.S. we are aware that this year is a leap year,the hashtag was intentionally made into 365 to correlate with the whole concept of the project which many might miss in case they forgot its a leap year,the totally outcome of this project will be 366 photos after all.

Enjoy 2012!


Waleed Alzuhair said...

One can't ignore any of the photos, they are like pieces of a big puzzle.. Each one has it's own story & thoughts for that moment :)

Keep it up.. I missed Jan 11th, I hope I don't miss more :)

diana | nessreen said...


I love them all! I love the one of Malak. <3 My favorite photo is the one of the juices. Don't ask me why, coz I wouldn't know how to answer.

I have to agree with what you said, about how if you don't take the photo earlier in the day, you'll end up with a hurried one that you most probably won't like. When I did my 365, towards the last quarter of the year, it really became more like a test of my commitment. But hey, isn't that what craft is all about?

Good luck on yours, and I will be waiting for each post! You'll do a great job, for sure. I'll comment often, too, just to counter-balance your over-critical self. :P

Noor said...
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Chiara said...

I have too many favourites to list, but the children, the most colourful, and the medical notes stand out for me. Nonetheless, the rose wins for me!

Speaking of winning, I have nominated you for a Beautiful Blogger Award. You can read the details on my blog post. Congratulations!

Chiara said...

Sorry, the correct link is:

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