Thursday, October 22, 2015

Law of jungle.

The Following traffic laws in this country is starting to make me feel naive.

You stop front row at a red light, but by the time it turns green, you have at least three cars lurked in front of you.

It's extremely likely that you see people driving in the opposite direction in a public street with out any consequence. 

Just yesterday, a traffic officer was issuing a ticket for someone for double parking, while completely ignoring a huge truck driving backwards against the traffic, it's that irrelevant law enforcements have become here. 

This place doesn't reward the diligent, you come early to stand inline for a service, but who ever makes it to the counter once the door opens, gets served. 

No body pays the toll of all this except the decent citizen who just want to live peacefully, for the rules here are but of a jungle, if you are not wolf among sheep, you'll be eaten by wolves.

It's exhausting.

An hour after I wrote the post, this happened, embodying what I just said. 

He decided that a U-turn is due, but no need to reach the signal to make it, he just crossed the middle island.

What did I tell ya?


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