Saturday, October 15, 2011

What can you miss in 4 years?

Two weeks ago,the US media paid close attention to the Italian courts in the law suit against Amanda Knox the US exchange student who was accused in 2007 of sexual assault and murdering her English roommate Meredith Kercher in her apartment in the widely known quiet city of Perugia,Italy.

The conviction was reversed and she was exonerated,she finally returned home in seattle,WA,among her family and friends once again.

Undeniably,such incidences are not something that anyone would want to happen to any one anywhere in the world,its shocking and grieving,especially with the conviction reversal,the trial was not considered a victory,since the real killer remains unknown and on the loose.

i paid close attention to the trial on what growing to be my favorite radio channel WUNC,as i heard all what was happening and the circumstances of it,my mind dived in its own thoughts,how an exchange student full of enthusiasm and excitement flying to one of Europe most iconic countries,and within a week her life turns up side down,and remains so for 4 years.

so i thought "i wonder what did she miss in those 4 years,after all,4 years can pass in front of someone like a blink of an eye.
so i decided to do some research,to see what are the key events that happened in 2007-2008,2009,2010 and 2011.

A lot! Not only Amanda missed the running,election and inauguration of her country's first African American President,and the running of the first female presidential candidate,or the death of Saddam Hussain,but also missed witnessing the infamous financial crisis of 2008,which still resonate with effects till today.

Summoning my research,i found that Amanda have missed over 500+ global events in the time she was in jail,and i only realized how many they were when i decided to list them in a blog.

but then again,as i took the back seat in my usual procrastination,overwhelmed by the amount of events that took place in those four years,i gave it a second thought.

Amanda is an average American girl who went to study outside of her country when the mishap happened,so what did Amanda really,really miss?

i came up with a few:

-She Definitely missed the inauguration of President Obama,and Sadly she was released in a time when his popularity is on the decline.
-ِAm sure she did not miss the job market decline,probably she won't believe the drop in economy and how it affected life in US.
-Last time she used a cellphone,it used to only make phone calls,texts,and some phones have emails.
-She missed 4 Generation of the revolutionary iPhone,the Phone that changed communication,and yet evolves to improve day by day.
-She missed the Launch of Android OS,the iPad.
-She Definitely missed 5 seasons of Greys Anatomy,3 Seasons of Lost,2 of Prison Break.
-Last time Amanda used the internet,Facebook was merely a social website to connect with your friends,i bet by now she is in a culture shock of what Facebook is now.
-Twitter,the 140 letters that flipped 3 presidents and was a cornerstone in the ignition of the Arab Spring.
-YouTube becoming a replacement for entertainment and TV for many internet users,last time Amanda used youtube,it was still something very new.
-Music enthusiasts significantly shift from CDs into Digital MP3 as the main way to purchase,listen to music.
-Netflix Online Streaming,which started in 2008.
-Paris Hilton going to Jail,and Britney spears going bold,Micheal Jackson Dies and his Funeral becomes the first live youtube funeral in history.
-Apple Takes the lead to become worlds biggest computer corporate.
-Definitely she missed this
-And this

These are probably the highlights of what would the average Amanda have missed,i bet she have a lot of catching up to do, luckily for you Amanda,missing on technology means you will only get whats coming next,which is always better,so will follow up pretty quick.

What else,follow readers,do you think Amanda would have missed?

Disclaimer: This post is intended to be light weighted post about what is considered to be a heavy matter,so the humor is intended,and its NOT by any means intended to degrade the loss of Amanda's friend and Meredith's family,its intended as a light hearted welcome back to Amanda Knox to the US.


Anonymous said...

Loving the new look of the blog!
I can't imagine what it would be like to miss 4 years of my life. Imagine the people who go to prison for decades and then are expected to get out and lead a normal life!
She probably missed a lot in her personal life too. She was a college student so she probably missed the weddings of her friends, births of children and perhaps even funerals of relatives.

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