Monday, October 17, 2011

Mile Street [Photo]

So,i am finally getting the courage to do something i always wanted to do,i will start publishing some of my photography work here in my blog,but i will keep the ones on my blog to show the process through which i deliver my work.

This Photo was taken in Chicago in Winter was a rainy/snowy day in the Mile Street,the most well known shopping spot in Chicago.

Please roll your mouse over the image so you can see the image,straight out of the camera,and after editing and processing.

I am not a photojournalist,my work is not meant to be an accurate replication of the reality and its not intended to deliver it.
i take pictures to express a vision i have in my mind and i work with the aim to deliver that image to the viewer,so the image that you see might not exist in reality as you see it,but how i visualize it through my camera.

So Welcome to my realm,sit back and enjoy,and i would be glad to hear your comments,and if it got good interaction,i shall make this a frequent post.


Anonymous said...


Good job with the photos. I browsed your photogallery and I think your pixs tells a story.

For me personally I like symmetrical lines in photos of buildings etc. I find that shooting photos of nature origins is really tricky, plus I often could not do justice to a beautiful scenary from what I am able to see compared to the photo that I shoot. I live in Scotland for a while and found the isles and highlands as really, amazingly beautiful but looking back, my photos didn't tell that story.

Do shoot more photos in the future and share some posts with us readers yeah?

Best wishes,


Dentographer said...

thanks a lot Ming,i will do my best my friend thank you so much for commenting on an other wise deserted post!

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