Tuesday, October 18, 2011

8 Parentings best kept secrets

Kids are a blessing,they fill your life with joy,laughter and unreasonable happiness,but everything comes with a price,some are fun,and some are just meant to be remembered after its all said and done..so i am giving you inside info about what you might face in the future so you know that you have been warned! here it goes:

-your vacuum will go out of the job, you son will suck everything before the vacuum does

-the last place to find your bookmark in, is your book, and if you were lucky, it's never on the page you were reading.

-your hair brush becomes you kids favorite fork for spaghetti,and some times if she was a girl she might experiment hair style using spaghetti and noodles.

-your ten minute naps are always full of surprises waiting for you when you wake up.

-diaper rash cream is your kids favorite shaving cream,and some times, hair gel too.

-your kids can give you a live demonstration of how destructive a nuclear bomb can be, just leave them in a room for ten minutes while you shower, it's more than enough for the disaster to happen.

-Morning Alarms will become history,you will always hear "mama" when its time to wake up,give it ten more minutes of extra sleep and you will get a vibration function with too little hands shaking you to wake up.

-finding your belongings where you left them will be a thing of the past, it will be so forgotten you will tell your kids bed time stories about how once upon a time there was a man called daddy,and he used to leave his wrist watch on a coffee table,and comes back and find it right where he left it!

Yet,you will still be very happy for all the things they do,and you can never be thankful enough for having them.. :)
Are you a parent? share some of your hidden gems!


Anonymous said...

Soooooooooooooooo True!!! looooool! loved this post!!!

Om Lujain ( I am having problems posting comments from my account... - can't even comment on my own blog :s)

Anonymous said...

PS- your kids are sooo adorable Masha'allaaah <3

Om Lujain

Dentographer said...

Thanks Om Lujain,its good to see you back!
whats the problem with your account,may be i can help

Laylah said...

I love the pic they are so cute mashallah!!

how about also:you will leave the house in your slippers because your brain was too blurry from lack of sleep and will only notice the reason why people are staring at you in the shopping mall :)

Athoug said...

hahahahaha I loved the post! Couldn't stop laughing!
And your kids are adorable mashaAllah :)

Reem Philby said...

I just saw this blog ,, interesting ,, and this is a funny "so real" post lol ,, love the morning alarm point ,, so TRUE :D

American Abaya said...

You have kids?!

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