Saturday, June 19, 2010



ive noticed that everything that has the name pandora,has to be somthing either facsinating or hip,from Pandora's Box in the infamous God of war PS3 game,to Planet Pandora where the Nav'i inhabitants live.

but this time,i bring you somthing that is far from Myth and more into Music and the Tech era.

Pandora online radio

Ladies and Gentlemen,i present to you Pandora Online Radio,somthing that i believe will change the way how we listen,carry and even think about music.

Simple open the website,register,create a station by simply typing a songs name or an artist and the website will Brilliantly recommends the next song to you,and i tell ya,its pretty good in coming up with suggestions.

its Free,or at least its an option,there is ads in between the songs and you are limited in how many times u can skip a choice,and u are limited up to 40 hours a month,somthing the majority of the listeners barely reach.

the upgrade option,makes u listen to unlimited amount of music for an entire year for 36$ dollars,though i havent tried it,but it seems that option too limit the amount of skips,but its 6 skips an hour.

the fun part is,if you have an iPhone,iPod Touch,Blackberry,Android OS based Phone,or Even Windows OS,there is an app for Pandora and u can listen to your music on the go,instead of having to carry your MP3 with u and take up space in your handheld devices,not even on ur computer.

i believe that this is the new direction the giants of technology are going toward,as HapHazard has mentioned in his blog,there are speculations of a new Apple Device that is gonna change the way we think of music,and i believe its gonna be somthing similar to Pandora,but more of an entire package of a Device that does it all.


diana said...

Hmm, this sounds really interesting. (Unfortunately, not available in KSA)

Isn't this like a bigger better faster version of that old iMeem?

Dentographer said...

dont know imeem honestly,ill check it.

Chiara said...

The site says it is only available in the USA, not even Canada.

I like my Pandora mythical as in Classics, and in a box, ie a gold and jewel encrusted box! :)

Dentographer said...

really awkward not to have it even in canada!! sigh..
yup..the mythical pandora is pretty awsome!

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