Saturday, June 5, 2010

Lessons To Self,

No Matter What kinda problem or conflict happens in any house,Communication is the first only way to start fixing and repairing the damage.
  • When your spouse,son,daughter or wife ask you what did i do,they are honestly asking.
  • NEVER use the phrase "if you dont know what you have done wrong...."
  • Avoid assumptions at any cost,talk,discuss,debate it out.
  • Your Wife,husband,daughter or son, dont always do things that piss you off on purpose,and if they do,then your problem is bigger than just "he is pissing me off" so work on that.
  • You Cant Change everyone around you to your suiting, its a lot easier that you learn to adopt to your loved ones nature.
  • Keeping things inside you for the greater good,does more harm than good.
Becareful what you wish for,you might actully...Get it.


Chiara said...

Excellent lessons!

I would only add that good communication includes know what to say when and how, and what not to say. Not every emotionally charged, hormonally (men too) laden thought need fly out of one's mouth.

Along with the phrase "If you don't know what's wrong..." I would recommend deleting from your discussion and thoughts "If he/she really loved me he/she would know... I wouldn't have to say anything..." Mind reading is inexact and dangerous.

Keeping things inside does more harm than good, but better a slow controlled leak than a geyser.

Be careful what you wish for lest you create a self fulfilling prophesy and then wonder how you got it! :)

Great topic and list! :)

Dentographer said...

thank you Chiara...
and keep it coming!

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