Saturday, June 5, 2010

AT&T and the iPhone 4

So,the WWDC is around the corner,and the hype is up the sky with expectations.
since i read about AT&T Raising the termination fees on iPhone,and i am wondering,maybe,a BIG maybe....that the new iPhone 4G will not be locked to AT&T through encryption anymore,and rather they just locked it physically by utilizing the Microsimfeature?

well,for my self i hope so,cos probably by the time i go back to Saudi,Micro Sim will be old news,and probably by then i will still be using the iPhone 4G.

What do u think?
Lets See....

Well, iPhone 4 is out! and apparently its encrypted as the hacking folks already jailbroke iOS 4 on it seems like the story will go on with the other phones,right now everyone say 3Gs also can be broken but it has to be already broken before you upgrade the iOS..but the iPhone 4 Remain unknown.


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