Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Sweetest Fruit

been listening to this song a lot lately,this part always catches my attention,very touching and meaningful.

Inspiring how you're proud of your scars.

Dark as night,you look out for the stars

Beautiful,and you are proud of your flaws.

you don't ask for an approval or a round of applause

but my heart claps in rhythm and all

and my eyes cooled by what they saw

beautiful just the way that you are,

and when i see you i remember Allah

who else could have been known but you.

like a pillar standing firm in truth

a tree with the deepest roots

the darkest berries and the sweetest juices

and the proof of your labor is your baring fruits

submission to the wind cause you graceful moves

and you are humble in your modest ways,

the arrogance stopped,the lower gaze,

you over speaks of the darker day

you made it through,

you are the proof we are gonna be okay

cause only struggle can produce strength

and your eyes i see it taking shape

like a current curves the river banks

once winding like a snake

so over time it will always take

the path that is truly straight

over time it will always make,

the river carved till the path is straight..

the Poet/rapper is Baraka Blue,a Sufi Muslim from Seattle,with his roots originally from Yemen, he has this interesting way of blending rap and hip hop in a genre that he calls spiritual hip hop.

The Song on Youtube...those lines start at about 3:11


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