Saturday, January 15, 2011

Book Review : From My Sisters Lips

From My Sisters' LipsFrom My Sisters' Lips by Na'ima B. Robert

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Author describes her and others journey to discover islam,she talks about how her perspective in life changed and how everything is viewed differently after she embraced Islam.

the book can be divided into sections,where each section discuss a different topic,it begins by the journey in discovering a new religion by someone who is least to say a feminist rebel against all restriction,and living it large.

the second part talks about the after math,the journey in learning and educating them selves the teachings of islam and how they fight their own thoughts to reach a convincing reason within to practice what islam says.

third part discusses life in practice of islam,Jobs,relationships,sexuality,marriage,families,fashion and night life,before and after and how it impacted the muslim women personality and psychology,and motives.

the book ends by what the author believes is the ultimate gift she found by islam which is the sisterhood of muslim women,which the author believes it as the strongest bond she has found in her life.

the books is an interesting read,enlightening even for a muslim born like me,however, there are some ideologies that i don't agree on and to me it shows a stiff representation of islamic teachings.

obviously the book carries feminist ideas all through,which is understandable coming from an author who were a feminist activist, and still could be,but in a different mold after islam.

the Book was given to my wife as a gift from a revert muslim who recently joined islam and found the book interesting,i think this book gives a candid insight into a sample of muslim women who are living in the western world,described in their own words.

From My Sisters' Lips

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Athoug said...

Sounds interesting especially that it comes from the perspective of a westerner... I think I'd like to read non-arab views on Islam, and what they take from islam and apply it to their everyday life. Thanks for the succinct review.

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