Saturday, February 6, 2010


Mic Check one two..
been a while i was thinking of starting a blog,not that i have all the writing skills and stuff..but i realized that i happen to think alot,and end up with alot of scribbles and dribbles that go through my head and may be for a change i should start writing them down.
techinically if i wanted to name this blog a proper name...i would have named it fail blog,ironically,its the state ive been feeling for a long time.

So,my name is Dentographer,which i believe is self explanatory, being a dentist by profession,photographer by hobby,i find my self usually in between these two parameters all the time. pretty wavy,it goes up the hill and down the drain in seconds,and i just wish i knew how its gonna be life for me a couple of years a head.

so yeah,me,blogging.
you Reading
may be commenting
may be not
lets see


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the blogsphere :)
Intriguing intro..

Ahmed said...

Welcome aboard...

Susanne said...

How cute. I love the reasons for your name Dentographer. Clever! :)

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